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Knicks seem dumb as hell.
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7/31/2001  11:18 PM
I am not a NY fan or anything but Layden is making some assenine moves. While other contenders around the league are improving (Orl, Sac, Port) the Knicks are sitting on their ass waiting to shell out dough to marginal players. CSpoon is a solid player, but he is a midget. The Knicks PFs are 6-6, 6-7 and 6-8. That isn't going to get the job done on the boards. Then you have the Houston contract. Obviously NY couldn't let Houston walk w/o getting anything in return. But $100 mill for a jumpshooter? How the hell could that cat say he was the best SG in the NBA with a straight face? I won't even go into the draft. That was a disaster. As an LA fan I miss having this East Coast-West Coast rivalry with the Knicks. While teams like the Lakers and Celtics have had the most success, the Knicks are still very important to the NBA. After all, NY is the largest market and teams around the NBA love to hate NY. Its about time that you guys get back near the top. I know Layden had some success back in Utah, but I am starting to wonder. With this guy as your GM i doubt you guys will ever come close to winning a title.
Knicks seem dumb as hell.

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