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New Game - PostPicker
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Alba Posts: 25
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12/9/2008  6:00 PM
Every week designate a random thread from the past as a PostPicker thread.
Hide the names of the posters who posted on that thread and then have current UK heads try to guess who made each post. The UK person who guesses the most post authors correctly wins!
lol @ being BANNED by Martin since 11/07/10 (for asking if Mr. Earl had a point). Really, Martin? C'mon. This is the internet. I've seen much worse on this site. By Earl himself. Drop the hypocrisy.
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Alba Posts: 19
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12/9/2008  8:17 PM
Great idea! Lets get Bip started on it right away.
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Alba Posts: 27
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12/14/2008  10:23 PM
Wow nice idea

is this ever gonna happen?
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Alba Posts: 0
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12/29/2008  11:41 AM
I'm on it.
I just hope that people will like me
New Game - PostPicker

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