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Lady of My Dreams- poetry
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8/24/2003  4:16 PM
The lady of my dream, 1st makes a lot of dough, bring it home like the feds , but definately not a hoe. Make luv like a breeder, knows just what i needa, made a brotha go straight, I hit it hard the 1st date. Keeps me dressed in fine gear, makes right choices when I'm gone, Tupac and Biggie, they shoulda wrote this song. Being a "PLAYA" from upstate means im moving incognito, drive a Lexus And Benz when I drop at the CASINO. She's standing by my side , you look from a far and wonder,is that his slave is that his girl, yea I got her from down under.And by that comment I mean, she's a diamond in the ruff, overlooked by a few ,never drank or took a puff . Tells me she's in luv, no other guy can come thru, I penetrated then related and crashed out after a brew.
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8/24/2003  5:44 PM
whats this childish sounding i love garbage. get a hobby son.
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Lady of My Dreams- poetry

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