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Power Outage
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8/14/2003  10:05 PM
How is everyone managing with that? I live right on the boarder of vermont and new york and my town had an outage for about 30 seconds but most towns around me were out until at least 6 or 7. It's funny how it worked like that.
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8/15/2003  6:29 AM
Yea IM ON THE BORDER OF CANADA AND WE WERE OUT UNTIL ABOUT 7-8PM AT LEAST WE HAD WATER. Funny thing though a few miles up the way people had power and I live next to the NIAGARA power Plant that that kicks out power all the way down state in NY
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8/15/2003  1:08 PM
I am in Manhattan and we were down from 4:00pm until about 8:00 this morning.

I managed to avoid getting on a crowded elevator in my office building just before the power went off. I don't like to get on crowded elevators, and the lights sort of flickered so I decided not to get on. The doors closed, the elevator went up two floors, then the power went off.

I had to walk five miles to get home, but I'm sure glad I didn't spend the night stuck in an elevator.
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8/15/2003  4:39 PM
We got the power restored in my part of Brooklyn at like 4:30AM so altogether the blackout affected me for about 12 hours. I had my candles, radio, flashlights, and batteries ready. I bought 5 bags of ice and it kept everything cold. The 2 bags I put in the freezer are still full- they didn't melt a bit. The ones in the fridge were about 1/2- 3/4 full so no perishables spoiled at all.

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Power Outage

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