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adam morrison #4: escape from ny
Author Thread
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7/2/2008  11:28 AM

Take a break from the normal topics to enjoy the 4th Comic of Adam Morrison.

Adam Morrison Comic #4
"Escape from New York"
by: SteveMorrison15

If you want to read the others, I have them right here.

Adam Morrison Comic 1

Adam Morrison Comic 2

Adam Morrison Comic 3
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7/2/2008  11:33 AM
These things are always hilarious. Curry eating JR was hilarious.
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7/2/2008  11:42 AM
This is a work of art
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7/2/2008  11:44 AM
Marbury getting hit with the bugs bunny mind trick, brilliance!
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7/2/2008  11:52 AM
funny stuff
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7/2/2008  2:21 PM
Q waking up from his sleep was hilarious to me.
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7/2/2008  2:59 PM
good stuff. man, must have taken hours to put together.
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7/2/2008  3:10 PM
That was great. Worth the read.
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adam morrison #4: escape from ny

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