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Question about this website?
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7/19/2003  8:41 PM
I just stumbled upon it & I love it. The official NY Knick sites offer such little new info. That home page still says "KNICKS acquire McDyess!!!".

One criticism & I wonder if it's shared by by others. Each time (it seems) that somebody adds their 2 cents to a post, it gets thrown up to the top of the list, so it makes it hard to scan the new posts. bigblueinteractive.com (the Giants version of this) does it this way & I thought I'd mention it.
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7/20/2003  9:39 AM
maybe I don't understand what you are talking about, but how else would the forums work?
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7/20/2003  11:13 PM
purple while you are creating threads about me answer this question

you started this great thread

all those years as a fan and now i'm the anti-knick. life is crazy aint it.
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7/20/2003  11:19 PM
The way bigblue works is that the sort order of the posts is when the initial topic was entered (as opposed to when the last reply took place). Not a big deal.
Question about this website?

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