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NBA Jokes
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10/6/2001  4:52 PM
I was reading through some past topics on another board. There was a topic called "NBA Jokes" and there were some of the most childish things I've ever read. Some of these jokes are so stupid its funny. Check 'em out...

Q: Which NBA player likes to bury Marv Albert?
A: Stephon Marvbury

Q: What kind of house does Shaquille O'Neal live in?
A: A shack.

Q: Who makes the most money for their team?
A: Laron Profit.

Q: Who has the buffest arms?
A: Darrell Armstrong.

Q: Which two players enjoy playing chess?
A: Travis Knight and Sean Rooks.

Q: Who likes air conditioning?
A: AC Green

And these were the best of the bunch! LOL, I can't help but laugh, these are sooo bad!

Does anybody have any decent NBA jokes to tell?
We suck.
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10/10/2001  11:56 AM
Those are really bad.
NBA Jokes

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