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**feature request** something to illustrate a popular thread
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12/15/2007  5:54 PM
So there are a ton of things you guys do right with this forum. Its one of the better forums on the interweb and I am talking about look and feel not community.

Remember there used to be a feature that had a flaming folder to show a hot thread? I really loved it. I would at first glance know that a thread was worth reading. The post counts don't really put stuff in perspective for me because a lot of times I am too drunk, sleepy, busy, disappointed to figure out which threads are an absolute must read. Maybe the post count of 20 was low and with a bigger community it wouldn't be as accurate but what do you think about reinstating something like that with a higher post count? Can you make that happen in one of the future versions?

I am now going to go drink and forget about the ****ing Knicks. I mean, we are playing the Nets and I wont be watching the game.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
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6/23/2008  5:19 PM
the simple solution would be for you to run a search on whatever threads i've posted on & read those.
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**feature request** something to illustrate a popular thread

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