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Site slow today
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9/11/2007  2:13 PM
It seems "choppy" today around 2:00 pm. It'll be okay for a couple of seconds, then slow to a crawl. Got a couple of timeout errors.

Anyone else notice a slow down?
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9/11/2007  3:29 PM
yup. don't knokw what's going on.
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9/11/2007  4:50 PM
oh no playa's right. they're monitoring our cell calls AND our uk posts
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9/11/2007  9:03 PM
Posted by Marv:

oh no playa's right. they're monitoring our cell calls AND our uk posts
but they really are..
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9/18/2007  9:19 AM
The Internet does seem slow today... the number of Vista machines on the market must have increased (half as powerful for twice the hardware). It's the only explanation.
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Site slow today

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