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9/5/2007  10:14 PM
There are a lot of posters on this site who have difficulty getting along with other posters. If it were possible to add an ignore function, people could just block out posters they don't like.
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9/6/2007  9:59 AM
Then we'd all be ignoring each other and no discussions would take place.
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9/7/2007  11:59 AM
hi. Andrew and I have gone back and forth on the whole ignore feature. It's tough or may be confusing to some if they miss parts of a conversation... but maybe it would cut down on the sniping.

As a whole, I would prefer the community as a whole to monitor itself so that the getting-along thing is not a problem. Mostly, it's the offseason and we have not too much to talk about and the Knicks have sucked in the last few years, so tempers are shorter.
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Ignore function

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