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Lakers Problem = Kobe Bryant
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12/25/2002  11:34 PM
The Los Angeles Lakers problem has little to do with their role players. It has nothing to do with Shaquille O'Neal's injury. The problem is Kobe "Selfish" Bryant.

Did anyone watch tonight's game against Sacramento? Kobe is just so selfish! He shoots way too much and takes too many bad shots. He has a lot of talent but come on! LOL He tries to score against triple teams! LOL I am not a Lakers fan at all, but if I were, I would want the entire offensive attack to go through Shaq.

Oh well, may the Lakers and KoME Bryant rot in hell.
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12/26/2002  9:57 AM
Well last season around mid december I discovered the Sacramento Kings (oddly enough it was while playing NBA 2k2 on PS2) - my friend and I used to play playoff runs against eachother from the East and the West till we reached the Finals. Somehow I really started to like them from using them in the game and it carried over into real life. This team is awesome and I think they deserve a championship.

Now for your Lakers comment. You arent far off. Kobe is very selfish and it is hurting his team..remind you of someone named MJ? But the Lakers problems go much deeper then Kobe. Their role players are getting older, their consistency is off, and the leagues zone defense is catching up with Shaq. They have a lot of work to do just to make it to the playoffs again and I dont think they will pull it off.
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Lakers Problem = Kobe Bryant

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