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Ming not far behind Shaq
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12/19/2002  10:02 PM
In the early going of the all-star balloting.
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12/20/2002  12:46 AM
And Vince Carter is leading the Eastern Conf. votes. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Carter hasn't even had a solid dunk this year. He's injured, doesn't play when hurt, his team is terrible, and he isn't scoring, which is what he does best. McGrady should be #1 vote getter for the east, or Kidd or Iverson, not that bum.
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12/20/2002  12:54 AM
I remember a quote about Carter recently which said in essence that Carter's idea of rehabing was shooting hoops for 20 minutes.What a waste of talent.He is living off old game footage right now if he isnt
careful thats all he will be remebered for.
Ming not far behind Shaq

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