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I'm done with Curry....
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11/19/2006  6:22 PM
anyone in favor of hiring me in isiah's place, say "I".

DLee is the best thing to happen to NY in Isiah's 4 year tenure. And that alone, though a positive on the radar, is sad as hell.
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11/19/2006  6:29 PM
I'd hire you in Dolan's place. There isn't a single poster here I wouldn't hire in Dolan's place because I believe everyone here would care more about winning than about $, unlike Dolan.
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11/19/2006  6:33 PM
"OMG - did we just go on a two-trade-wining-streak?" -SupremeCommander
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11/19/2006  10:32 PM
Posted by franco12:

Before we tie Curry to a stake and burn him- consider that he might be over-thinking and trying too hard.

However, I was against the deal to bring him here and it certainly is starting to look like he is the second coming of Oliver Miller.

Yes- bench Curry- start Frye at center, where he has looked better, and have Lee start.

If we could get something for Curry- someone had posted Francis and Curry for Garnett- I say do it because I don't think he has it.

He might be a nice player in a smaller market with lower expecations.

"Overthinking"? I was struck by how totally mind numb he seemed last night. Just awful. Does not get himself in position to play defense or rebound at all. Not sure that it's lazy. Just think he has no clue where to be. Seems like he doesn't even know the super basic stuff, like that rebounds tend to come off to the side opposite where the shooter is. It's hard to watch the guy.
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11/19/2006  10:35 PM
12 pts, 13 rebs, 4 blocks for bynum tonight.

at this point, who wouldn't trade frye AND curry for bynum?
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11/19/2006  10:39 PM
Posted by djsunyc:

12 pts, 13 rebs, 4 blocks for bynum tonight.

at this point, who wouldn't trade frye AND curry for bynum?

Don't encourage him DJ!
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11/19/2006  10:51 PM
Posted by Vmart:

Maybe Isiah can steal his damn goose that lays his golden egg in this case withhold his pay check.

Isiah is the Goose.

Isiah is everyone's Goose.
If it didn’t work in Phoenix with Nash and Stoutamire... it’s just not a winning formula. It’s an entertaining formula, but not a winning one. - Derek Harper talking about D'Antoni's System
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11/19/2006  10:53 PM
Okay, I'll go on record!


Curry Goat, Chicken, Lamb....


Good luck Mike D'Antoni, 'cause you ain't never seen nothing like this before!
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11/19/2006  11:04 PM
However, I was against the deal to bring him here and it certainly is starting to look like he is the second coming of Oliver Miller.
It would be nice to see him get some assists or throw a long outlet pass after grabbing a rebound like Miller but that can only happen at best 4 or 5 times a game.
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11/20/2006  12:15 PM
You have to grab a rebound before you can throw an outlet pass. While we are on the subject of Curry, why is it that this guy cant lose some weight? You would think that as a pro athlete he is burning a lot of calories with practice etc, so what is this guy eating to make him look so soft? And that is probably the biggest reason that he starts decent and fades away, is because hes out of shape. When I was going to school at ohio state I would play a lot of pickup basketball, and I would have a similar problem, have a decent game the first game id play and then just kind of fade as the day went on and i lost my legs. While I had condioning problems because I smoked at the time (my pre nypd days ) his problem is because he is so heavy. And not shaq heavy, more like Jerome James heavy. Why cant this guy lose some weight!!!???
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11/20/2006  12:20 PM
notice how in the game vs. wash and miami we were not featuring eddy curry at all he became a drive and drop off nazr mohammed type of option on offense... and the ball was moving.. we were WINNING... Here comes Boston.. We pound it into the EdMan and what happens? Turnovers... Fouls... Stagnent offense.. Crap.. Shit.. Loss
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11/20/2006  1:57 PM
How about the alley oop Star tried to throw to him? He just hit it off the rim. I hope it was just an off game for him, because he was all bad, nothing good.
"This is the bad time." - Henry Hill
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11/20/2006  2:05 PM
Posted by babyKnicks:

shift frye to center, start lee.

I'm done with Curry....

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