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Lonn's article
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7/26/2001  12:52 AM
Lonn is right, the isolation style offense is the main problem for the knicks. I read the camby article too... this guy should be working for espn

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7/26/2001  8:49 AM
Lonn is right, and ……
The new rules involving zone defenses will change the game this year for many. Passing will become a primary skill, and Houston will need to realize this. He and all the Ks will need to find the open man. Two man routes for the shooters to free up the second and maybe the successful picker will be needed. VanG will have to be a little more creative with his offence. This will have to become a team instead of 5 millionaires in shorts.
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7/26/2001  10:33 AM
The really obvious thing missing from last years offense was the lack of screens being set for the Knicks shooters. I'm not sure why, but this does have to change.
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7/26/2001  2:21 PM
I think Van Gundy forgot to throw the old Ewing playbook out the window and instead replaced the big man in the post with his next best post-players: Houston and Spree. One would be better off receiving the ball in a spot up position on the outside, ala his days in Detroit playing along side Grant Hill, and Spree may be better receiving the ball on his way cutting to the hoop. I agree, time for some screen plays that got Reggie Miller a majority of his points. Of course, with the current lineup good screens may be hard to come by: Thomas can put up a wide body but Camby would have trouble screening my sister. That leaves the small forward, the other guard and the point. The prospects don't look good.
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7/28/2001  8:12 AM
Lonn's Logic is a Little off!

The basis of the article is built on the "incorrect premise" that since Houston earns the most money the offensive skeems should flow through him more. It is thinking like that that has the Knicks in the mess they are in now! The Knicks can't seem to learn, throwing money at a mistake does not fix the problem. Rehashing the Knicks countless blunders over the last three years is for another day. The notion of centering the team offensively around Houston however, is obsenely moronic.

Building a team around Allan's jump shot is almost as stupid labeling the Titanic unsinkable! Allan jions the ranks of Shaq, Mourning, Garnett, Webber, heck I'll even throw in Finley (who buy the way gets less/per year). Not only do these players score points, they rebound, they pass, they block shoots, etc. An NBA franchise can build a team around a player of that magnitude. Now the Knicks or Mr. Drucker wants Allan Houston to be the franchise? Allan Houston is not a defensive specialist, rebounder, passer, or a scorer, in other words Allan is not a "Franchise player". Allan is a terrific jump shooter with a clean rap sheet, no more! He isn't even the best Shooting guard on the team! The "NBA game" is not about your ability to make a twenty foot jumpshot, the NBA is about all around play and what level your individual game can blend with the team concept. If you change the teams offense to exploit Houston game then you heading for disaster.

All to often Houston get shut down by any overly aggressive guard with something to prove. If your franchise can't overcome that, maybe it's time to think about getting a new franchise. As a matter of fact getting a new Franchise is something every Knick fan may want to consider. Keep in mind we are just one Sprewell injury from the lottery, and even with Sprewell healthy the second round may be as far as this team can go.
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7/28/2001  1:18 PM
Ditto to everything you said Lorul2!
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Lonn's article

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