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Top Fifty Forwards
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9/1/2001  8:42 PM
Just read this in the Sporting News.

What do you think of Weatherspoon being the only Knick PF on the list? Maybe this will give KT a notion of where his mind should be to get into the elite... Don't argue with the damn zebras - KT.... Keep the cool and lead the Knicks. Both he and Houston need to provide something more for the team....
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9/1/2001  9:07 PM
I've never liked the way sporting news rates things and don't feel they have a good grasp on the nba. Their rankings are no where near the rankings i would have and on top of that, Spoon is the third best power forward on the Knicks besides Thomas and Harrington. The reason i say this is Harrington is younger, has a more reasonable contract, and is bigger. Spoon probably has the talent Othella has now, but won't in a few years. As for Thomas, he is just more talented and younger. We're also not counting Camby, whos primary position could be forward even though i feel he's a center now, and Spree whos going to be a forward as long as he's with the knicks. I've just never agreed with what sportingnews.com puts out.
Top Fifty Forwards

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