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2k3 Franchise
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10/18/2002  5:53 PM
Is anyone else doing a franchise? I am, and I am using the Knicks of course. So my starting 5 are as follows:
5) Nene
4) Dyess
3) Spree
2) Houston
1) Williams

Right now Houston is hurt so I have anderson at the 4 and Spree at the 3 - who is lighting up everyone in sight right now. I also got Kwame Brown from the Wizards...I have some expiring contracts at the end of the year as well that should loosen up some cap room. My bench is still the usual Knick roll players. So is anyone else running a franchise?
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10/18/2002  10:00 PM
Oasis, what system do you have 2k3 for? And is the franchise better then NBA Live's franchise or are you not sure?

I'm just gonna ramble off some questions since I have some money from my birthday to spend and want to buy either 2k3 or Live for XBOX-
Are the contracts in the franchise the real life ones or is it a scale like in Live?
Good gameplay and is there a freestyle control like Live with one analog controlling dribbling and the other controlling direction?
Overall, what would you rate it?

Thanks a lot man, and if you want to email me the answers, you can send them to tkel116@aol.com
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11/16/2002  8:50 PM
Posted by BigSm00th:

Are the contracts in the franchise the real life ones or is it a scale like in Live?

anyone know the answer? thanks
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2k3 Franchise

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