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Do you feel better about Allan's contract now?
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8/29/2001  12:11 AM
Seems like alot of unproven players are getting the max. Pierce, now Jamison (see http://espn.go.com/nba/news/2001/0828/1245033.html).

This is the reason I'm not overly critical of Allan signing the big contract. Teams are offering the max to players because it seems the difference in pay that a star gets vs. a superstar gets has dwindled to almost nothing.

These guys have not even been to the playoffs! I think that Allan isn't on par with Kobe, Tracy and others, but he has definately contributed more than Jamison and some of the other guys that have and will get the max in the future.
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8/29/2001  1:50 AM
True but some of these players are already better than Houston and they're much younger. Pierce was phenomenal in the second half of the season and the Celtics almost made the Playoffs despite only having 2 good players on their team.

Jamison could be a 25-10 player and the Warriors definitly has the potential to go the Playoffs.

Houston has contributed a lot to our team but does that mean we had to give the max when we already offered more mony than anyone else for him in 96'. Houston will be 36 I think when his contract expires, he won't be worth $21 mill at that age.
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8/29/2001  10:41 AM
It's better to pay him the big bucks then to loose him. Also, Houston stated that new york hasn't seen the best of him yet so obviously he's confident better things are to come. I hope he's right because if he ever has another break-out year, this has got to be the one.
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8/30/2001  12:37 AM
the difference with jamison getting the max is that GS is paying for his future potential of being a star...Houston, although not old at 30 is older than pierce and Jamison and some others who got the max. So when Houston is 36 these guys will be in their late 20's or early 30's...Of course Houston wont be worth 21 mil at age 36, but that mooney will hopefully be payment for his past success, AD from toronto got a similar contract that pays him like 15 mil when he is 38..so although houston made out like a Bandit the knicks couldn't afford losing him for nothing...
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Do you feel better about Allan's contract now?

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