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Details on Eisley and Anderson?
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8/23/2001  11:23 AM
As I was reading the 'Who Should Start' thread it dawned on me that outside of the random Utah game, when they were playing the Bulls in the finals, you know, before that guy retired, I don't really know what the Knicks are getting in Anderson and Eisley.

I have heard that Anderson is a gritty defender and a slasher. From the stats I can see that he shoots the ball OK (47% from the field) but the 3 point shot doesn't look like his specialty. Does he handle the ball well? Good passer?

Seems to me Eisley is not that good of a shooter, except from the free throw line. What's his D like? How good is he running an offense? Does he push the ball at every chance?

Anyone care to fill in the holes?

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8/23/2001  11:50 AM
Anderson is a good slasher and a great defender. He's a role player who does the little things right and won't take shots away from Sprewell or Houston. He fits our team well. I've also heard that he played a little point guard behind Stockton in Utah and can handle the ball very well for his size.

Eisley is a good pure shooter and shot well from both the three point line and the free throw line. He passes the ball pretty well, but he's great at protecting the ball. His assist to turnover stat is amongst the best in the league like Jackson.

I'm not sure if i filled in all the blanks, but thats what i know about these players. I think they're going to help the team a lot.
Details on Eisley and Anderson?

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