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Knicks a Lotto team this year?
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8/21/2001  2:43 PM
What seed do you think the Knicks will earn this year?

I think we are an injury (probably two) away from the Lotto...

If Marcus Camby and a Latrell Sprewell or Allan Houston are injured simultaneously for a long stretch of time, we could be in trouble...
I guess the same could be said for any other NBA team, if let's say Jason Kidd of the Nets were injured, heck, even if he isn't injured, the Nets are a lotto team. But I guess you could say the same about Shaq/Kobe for the Lakers. I was just recalling what happenned to the Spurs the year that Robinson missed most of the season, they went to the lotto immediately. While that would be unfortunate if it happenned to our team, I could almost envision this happenning this year and us plucking out Chris Marcus from the lotto (Chris Marcus is a Tim Duncan Clone).

Next years lotto is going to be packed with talent also... just wait and see, the top 10/15 picks will be hot.

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8/21/2001  8:42 PM
Lets not talk about "what if we got freak injuries and sucked for the year." We're not going to hope that happens and i don't want anyone putting a curse on this team. We are very good right now and deserve to be top 3 in the east no doubt. I don't want to be a lotto team and don't think we will be one for a long time. I feel with everyone as prepared for the season as they can be, this could be the year we go from being a good team to a great team.
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8/21/2001  11:34 PM
I don't know, I can't see the Knicks getting enough injuries to push them into the lottery. Outside of Camby, Ward and LJ, I gotta think we have the most durable team in the league. Houston's missed maybe 3 games over the past 3 season, Anderson and Eisley are known to have put seasons together without missing a game, and the rest of the team, well, they are very solid.

Also, check out the rotation, they are almost 3 deep at every position. And their third string players are good, or at least above average.

And the Knicks have an ace in the whole: Jeff VanGundy. The guy can coach. No dominating low post player, players playing out of position, aging superstars and, IMHO, one hostage situation aside, the Knicks are into the second round of the playoffs every season he is commanding the sideline.

Enough said. No lottery for this team. Or to put it another way, CaseCloads.

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Knicks a Lotto team this year?

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