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Childs to sign with NJ
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7/29/2002  3:40 PM
Our old friend might be back in the area signing with the Nets maybe as early as today. That is a solid pickup for them. He has his moments and wont be asked to do too much so he wont be able to make his boneheaded turnovers by being out on the court for too long. He should do a solid job holding the fort while Kidd gets a breather.
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7/29/2002  4:14 PM
He brought a lot of heart and intensity to New York no question about it. He was a tough player and did everything right. If half the players had his heart they would be superstars. I've always had a lot of respect for Childs.
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8/18/2002  6:31 AM
Well said. I loved Chris Childs' toughness and leadership. He and Larry Johnson really meant a lot to the team and I've missed them dearly.
We suck.
Childs to sign with NJ

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