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Domain name question
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11/30/2005  7:05 PM
Hi Martin + Andrew,

I was wondering if you guys get a lot of traffic on this site? An associate of mine buys domain names and I was telling him about ultimateknicks.com..I know you arent in it for profit - but this is an awesome domain name and it seems like you could probably make some money if the site was marketed correctly. I dont know what the rules are since you are not affiliated with the NBA or the Knicks though.
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11/30/2005  7:15 PM
Andrew got drunk one night and came up with ultimateknicks. We don't do this for $ but we could sure use a few scrill chips to pay for our costs. Contact us offline at info@ultimateknicks.com if you like, we always welcome suggestions for our site.
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Domain name question

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