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NVE is cool, but I rather have a better C
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6/27/2002  10:24 AM
I like the NVE trade proopsed but I rather the Knicks go after a coveted Center than PG. If Knicks can somhow get their hands on Olowakandi (unlikely) I would be happier than getting NVE.

Dont get me wrong I really like NVE but I think Frank Williams ans Eisley can hold down the PG position pretty well.
Fritz Alcindor Jr. *FUTURE KNICK GM* falcindor@hotmail.com
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6/27/2002  10:31 AM
I think the Knicks should wait on trading for NVE untill they have traded or sigend a center (with the midlevel exception).

It doesn't do the Knicks any good to trade away trade bait untill you 've got a center in place.
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6/27/2002  10:35 AM
If the deal's out there now i think the Knicks need to take it. We can then go for Keon Clark and Jerome James as a back-up plan. I'm willing to take the gamble and make the deal as soon as possible.
NVE is cool, but I rather have a better C

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