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Othella Harrington
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7/25/2001  1:35 AM
With the deal to bring Weatherspoon to the Knicks, Harrington is now pushed further down the feeding chain. In the games he did play, Harrington gave solid minutes and showed a post game rivaling that of Johnson. If the stats are compared, Harrington's stats aren't too disproportionate to Johnson's if the time they play is taken into account. And most of all, he's young and has room to mature. Combine him with Camby and Thomas, Knicks have a solid power forward position, Without picking up Weatherspoon, they could have tried to unload, Jackson and Rice, in favor of the likes of Payton, Haywood, and Williams. The Knicks management has screwed up again and missed a solid player on their own team. Harrington is in good company with former Knicks such as Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley in terms of underappreciated players by the management.
Othella Harrington

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