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Trading the Pick the best option? maybe
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6/26/2002  7:59 AM
Im all for trading the pick only if the Knicks get a marquee player in return so packaging the #7 and Spree is a possibility. I heard both the Knicks and Clipp are going hard after Andre Miller. I heard the Knicks made a pretty good pacage for him but the Clipps have a better one:
clipps proposal - actual

#8 + #12 + Corey Maggette (Cavs really want Odom or Richardson)
Andre Miller + #6
knicks proposal - actual

#7 + Camby
Andre Miller + filler (???)

I wish we could wrestle Maggette from the Clips. He is a good player who potential is skys the limit. He minds me of Kobe so much except he needs to work on defense. I heard the Knicks offered Camby plus 2003 first rounder for Olowakandi. Of course that was rejected.
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Trading the Pick the best option? maybe

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