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Does Marc Jackson Remind only me of Ike Austin
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8/14/2001  2:01 PM
Guys do you remember Ike Austin who used to play for Miami he had one or two good seasons and then bolted to Vancouver for the big bucks. Well Marc reminds me of Ike in alot of ways. They have the same midrange game, same body mold/type, same ugly grill, same amount of experience before they both went looking for dollars ( Marc Jackson is already 26 with only one year under his belt ). I say this to warn alot of knick fans that Marc might turn out to be as lazy as Ike. Signing for bucks and then riding the bench like Ike.

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8/14/2001  2:30 PM
good observation. that is why Golden State is so reluctant on give a guy who had a good half a season all that cheddar.
Anyone who sits around and waits for the lottery to better themselves, either in real life or in sports, Is a Loser............... TKF
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8/14/2001  3:09 PM
For us, he would be worth a shot, but he isn't anything too special. He has potential, but could easily become overweight and lazy. I like his versitility, but he's not as good as everyoe thinks.
Does Marc Jackson Remind only me of Ike Austin

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