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Nets didn't give themselves a chance...
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6/14/2002  11:35 AM
I watched the Laker-Nets series end in 4 games and realized that the Nets didn't give themselves a chance. What I mean is that they respected the Lakers to much. I watched Shaq's interviews and he talked about Hakeem and how he had to much respect for Hakeem that is why they lost that series in 4 to Houston. Well listening to the Nets they were the same way. From the Coach down to the last guy on the bench. They were so afraid to get Shaq or Kobe mad at them they just played into their hands. I would have liked to see at least a game from the Nets, but the Nets beat themselves before the series started. If they spoke in the same manner that they spoke to Boston or Hornets they might have won a game or two instead, they became docile and with that they lost their aggressiveness everyone knows you can't lose that in basketball if you are to win.

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Nets didn't give themselves a chance...

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