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Big Daddy Shaq article
Author Thread
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6/12/2002  6:06 PM
Interesting take on Shaq. I kinda agree with the author. Thoughts?

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6/12/2002  6:31 PM
I agree with the author, but you can't just ask a player to leave because he is dominating. If that happened Bill Russell and MJ would have both been asked to leave the game. Though what the author is saying is ridiculous, I doubt he wants you to take it seriously. He makes a ton of good points though. Yay, 500 posts. Half way to Knixkik.

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6/13/2002  8:47 AM
I also agree that Shaq has limited skills outside of his size, but can you blame him for taking advantage of the rules...or shall I say lack of enforcement of the rules? Don't blame Shaq...blame the money makers behind the league that promotes the NBA. Shaq is a superstar that draws intrest from fans all around the US and other countries. He might even be more popular amoung foreign fans. Now if he were only an average player, how many Shaq uniforms would be sold? How much money would be made? Not enough.
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6/17/2002  11:29 AM
As always you guys are right on.. I do think the NBA has the Lakers in the finals for Mon$y. And would they like to have the Knicks there in the finals too... But the management of the Knicks can't seem to put it together. Maybe in a year or two.
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Big Daddy Shaq article

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