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Is anyone giving the Nets a chance...
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6/4/2002  2:43 PM
I went to a Lakers site and all their fans think they are gonna sweep the Nets. I think the Nets are going to push them to six games. But the way the Nets have been playing this may be just the setting for a upset that the League so desperately needs. It sucks to know who is going to win even before the game has started. I am hoping for a series that goes seven and comes down to the last shot just the same way the Super Bowl ended. Now that would be a series to remember regardless of who wins.

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6/4/2002  5:42 PM
These are things I like about the Nets chances:
1. They play MUCH better defense than the Kings
2. Lakers were EXPLOITED at the PG position by Bibby. Now they face
an even better PG in Kidd.
3. They have 3 centers to deal with Shaq and all are pretty decent and not scrubs like Pollard who is the ONLY backup for Sac. A-train,Todd Mac,and Collins.
4, Lakers have trouble vs. running teams. Is their a better transition team than the Nets?
That beign said it will still be tough as nails trying to knock off the 2 time defending champs. I will be rooting for the Nets to do it.
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6/4/2002  5:48 PM
Nets do play defense, but Kidd really isn't as good as Bibby when you look at how Bibby beat them. Kidd rebounds, pushes the fast break, and passes better then Bibby, but Bibby is a much better shooter then Kidd, and thats what Bibby did in that series, he shot. Also, when Kobe was on Bibby, Bibby had to take him off the dribble, which he is great at. Bibby has a sweet crossover and can shake anyone, Kidd just has an explose first step.

Also, Pollard isn't a scrub, he's much better then Collins and Williams at defending Shaq. These guys have never done it before. At absolute best I'd say Lakers in 5, but I still think it'll be a sweep.

-Nobody can stop Kobe.
-Nobody can stop Shaq.
-Nets offense is streaky.
-They're not playing a perimeter team like the Celtics. Horry and Fisher are knocking down the open 3s while guys like Strickland and Anderson aren't.
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6/4/2002  9:14 PM
Lakers won't sweep the Nets just because they've never shown they could sweep a real good team. They play well only when they want to and thats at times like game 7 in the western conference finals. I have little respect for the Lakers because of how they play the game. I would have been so happy seeing Kings vs. Nets because i think thats the type of matchup we're looking for in the finals, something exciting and different. I would do almost anything to have the Nets beat LA, but the fact is i find it hard to believe that could ever happen.
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6/9/2002  3:11 AM
Only way for the Nets to win a game is if the refs decide to call the game Nets way... Lakers are just way too good...
Is anyone giving the Nets a chance...

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