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is the Clipper's situation a good one???
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5/19/2002  8:58 PM
Right now they have:
1- dooling
2- Q,magette
3- Odom, Miles
4- Brand
5- ????

They have McInnis who they don't need to resign, and Candi who they need to resign. If they lost McInnis and resign Candi, then they have 6 studs in their rotation (all of the players above except for magette). Now they have 2 draft picks and do not need two more young players with loads of potential. What do they do??? Do they trade both of their picks to go top 3 and take a superstar in either Jwill, MD jr, or ming???? Or do they package their 2 lotto picks for an all-star veteran????
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5/19/2002  9:20 PM
Lets hope that they are willing to trade those picks for Spree...or Camby. We could even hope that the Clippers would want Allan Houston.
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5/20/2002  7:49 AM
Please - Want Houston....
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5/20/2002  3:17 PM
Clippers have a great situation because they just keep getting more young talent. I've have heard that Kandi will likely stay. They're set at the starting center spot. Brand is locked up so they have their franchise player there. Odom and Miles are developing well and will continue to develop as the 2 and 3. McInnis will probably go, but they still have Dooling and Marco Jaric, their 6-8 point guard whose coming over this year. With the draft picks they are best taking a good power forward with #8, Hilario, Wilcox, or Tskitishvili, and with the #12 pick they should take either Marcus or Borchardt. Both could give them some solid minutes off the bench at center. They also have a deep bench. Things don't get much better for a young team like the Clippers. They have a lot of talent.
is the Clipper's situation a good one???

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