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5/10/2002  9:02 PM
I see that LarrythaLeo has recently posted a message attacking a fellow poster. I must say that I do not like where this website is going. It is a great website, but with all of the frivolous trades being proposed and all of the ignorance being displayed this board will soon resemble the much dreaded ESPN board. Although I do not agree with attacking specific people at this point as Andrew pointed out, I think that something should be done to limit the mouths of certain people. It just ruins the board when certain people post multiple multiple threads about the same trades or the same idea and then label them INSIDE INFO!! or such. The worst part is, that some of the people that are posting the most trade proposals are some of the most ignorant people at this board. Do not take this the wrong way, I do feel that there are many people who do propose trades that are very intelligent and extremely insightful. But this is exactly how the ESPN board used to be and I want to do everything in my powers to stop this board from becoming another garbage dump. What do you think???
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5/10/2002  9:15 PM
The proposed trades are interesting, but it's useless posting the same over and over again. And what else are we supposed to talk about on the forum. Obviously we can talk about the draft and NBA and such, but the trades really are pretty interesting to think about and what not. We can't just post messages about how we love the Knicks so much.

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5/10/2002  11:36 PM
Yes I too am sorry about my actions, but I also see where Kilacross is coming from. I would just hope that the posts that give no thought what-so-ever would also stop. I will also do my part in holding my temper against such posts.
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5/11/2002  12:54 AM
As a rule we generally ask that no trades proposals be posted without reasoning on why both teams would go through with the trade. Yes, some have not been following this convention, so please, lets show some restraint on posting trades, and also respect all of the posters in the forum. LarrythaLeo, thanks for the apology.

Martin and I do not want to babysit the forum, so please use good judgement when posting.

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