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Rice complaining....again
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8/13/2001  9:20 AM
In the NY Daily News article Rice is blaming Spree for the trade to Houston. Jeeeze, I don't think he has stopped complaining since playing for LA. I'm getting tired of hearing him talk. Does anyone remember anything positive coming out of his mouth during the season? I'm now thinking that the trade had more to do with Rice's attitude than anything else.
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8/13/2001  9:00 PM
As good as Rice is, he thinks he deserves more shots and more publicity then everyone else. I loved seeing Rice come off the bench and hit threes when he was on, but i believe Anderson will be better on our team because he doesn't demand as many shots and he's a much better team player. Anderson will help our team gel together better and that may be all we need to get back into the finals.
Rice complaining....again

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