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The funniest sports quotes of 2017, from J-Rod to naked Sharks

TheStar.com (Bruce Arthur - Sports Columnist) — Every year this intro is basically “Jeez, what a lousy year, the world can destroy your faith in the good of humanity, but here are some funny sports quotes.” Honestly, I’ve been doing this every year since 2003, and that is every single intro, every year. Well this year, I really mean it. Laugh away. JANUARY “When life gives you lemons, you suck them.” ...
  • 112 days ago
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Raptors season preview: Six reasons for hope

TheStar.com (Doug Smith - Sports Reporter) — Six reasons for optimism as the Raptors prepare to open the NBA regular season: Consistency There’s something to be said for having groups of players who are familiar with each other. Not only can they figure things out as a group during games, but they have the ability to get on each other away from the games to draw out the best in each other. Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan and Jonas...
  • 185 days ago
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Raptors will reload or rebuild on Ujiri’s watch: Arthur

TheStar.com (Bruce Arthur - Sports Columnist) — And just like that, the crisis is over. One crisis, anyway. As in life, there is always another crisis, another explosion, another decision in the NBA. It’s the nuttiest league there is. On Wednesday, New York Knicks officials were confidently predicting that Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri was coming to New York. The chatter made its way around: agents, league officials....
  • 295 days ago
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Decision time for Raptors’ Ujiri and MLSE: Arthur

TheStar.com (Bruce Arthur - Sports Columnist) — Until Masai Ujiri decides he is leaving, he is not leaving. Simple. The president of the Toronto Raptors is in the first year of a five-year contract, and he promoted 32-year-old Bobby Webster to general manager on Wednesday, and as Webster said, “not only the front office, the coaches, the travel staff, you know, we believe in Masai and Masai believes in us. So we’ll keep...
  • 297 days ago
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