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Josh Hart’s Malleability Makes for an Excellent Fit With the Knicks

The Knicks Wall (Quentin Haynes) — Josh Hart’s collection of skills on both sides of the ball could benefit the Knicks as a free agency fit.  If there’s anything the NBA Finals should tell you, it’s that the New York Knicks need perimeter players. Giannis Antetokounmpo has been Milwaukee’s best player, but Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday have also been essential […] The post Josh Hart’s Malleability...
  • 346 days ago
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Knicks Mid-Tier Free Agent Targets to Round Out Up-and-Up Team

The Knicks Wall (Jesse Cinquini) — Patty Mills, Danny Green, and Kelly Olynyk are cheaper options than several star-lite free agents this summer the Knicks could pursue. No single event plays a greater role in determining the NBA landscape than free agency. Over just the past few years, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, and countless other stars have switched teams […] The post Knicks Mid-Tier Free Agent...
  • 349 days ago
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Could Tre Mann Be a Missing Piece to the Knicks’ Future Backcourt?

The Knicks Wall (Dylan Burd) — Florida point guard Tre Mann is very much in range for the Knicks in the first round of the NBA Draft, and his pick-and-roll expertise would be most welcoming. The 2021 NBA Draft is just two weeks away, and with the New York Knicks possessing three picks in the top-32, the assumption is that they […] The post Could Tre Mann Be a Missing Piece to the Knicks’ Future Backcourt? ...
  • 350 days ago
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The Knicks Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Pursue Collin Sexton

The Knicks Wall (Sam DiGiovanni) — The Knicks could use more offense. Collin Sexton, an explosive scorer, is reportedly on the market. What would a trade that brings them together look like? The New York Knicks’ embarrassing postseason flameout emphasized that the team still lacks offensive firepower. Their collection of players who can reliably create offense for themselves and/or their teammates […] The post The...
  • 351 days ago
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BJ Boston Is a Worthy Investment Project for the Knicks

The Knicks Wall (Mike Cortez) — The Knicks could use one of their three picks in the 2021 NBA Draft and invest a pick for the long-term. BJ Boston, a Kentucky swingman, could be that talent. Before the University of Kentucky put together its most forgettable season of the John Calipari era, Brandon “BJ” Boston Jr. was a projected lottery pick […] The post BJ Boston Is a Worthy Investment Project for the...
  • 352 days ago
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An Available Collin Sexton Offers a Solution to Knicks’ Point Guard Woes

The Knicks Wall (Quentin Haynes) — Rumored to be available this offseason, Collin Sexton makes sense for a Knicks team looking to add a point guard who can pressure the rim. The New York Knicks have several needs this offseason, but none bigger than the hole at the point guard position. Elfrid Payton has reached free agency. The Knicks have Luca […] The post An Available Collin Sexton Offers a Solution to Knicks’...
  • 356 days ago
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Josh Christopher’s Athleticism and Charisma Make Him a No-Brainer for the Knicks

The Knicks Wall (Nick Scolaro) — Highly ranked high-school recruit Josh Christopher, leaving Arizona State after one season, has uncanny athleticism in the NBA draft. Josh Christopher, also known as “JayGup,”  is one of the most intriguing prospects in this draft. The 6-foot-5 shooting guard from Bellflower, California, played ball at Mayfair High School in nearby Lakewood, where he absolutely dominated, […] The post ...
  • 356 days ago
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Knick or Nix: Should New York Pursue Ben Simmons?

The Knicks Wall (Sam DiGiovanni) — Following a disastrous performance in the conference semifinals, Ben Simmons’ trade value has never been lower. Should the Knicks inquire about trading for the All-Star and DPOY finalist? Sam DiGiovanni: Hey Will, remember the bubble? What a time. One of my absolute favorite moments came off of the court, courtesy of Ben Simmons. The Sixers […] The post Knick or Nix: Should New...
  • 358 days ago
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Could Oregon’s Chris Duarte Be the Most NBA-Ready Prospect?

The Knicks Wall (Patrick Kiernan) — As a four-year college player, Chris Duarte brings a rare trove of experience that could make him a day one NBA talent. While most NBA first-round draftees are first or second-year players with a world of potential behind their names, there are always a few seniors that NBA scouts may look to bring in because […] The post Could Oregon’s Chris Duarte Be the Most NBA-Ready...
  • 359 days ago
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Lonzo Ball Is a Worthy Pursuit for the Knicks

The Knicks Wall (Ty Jordan) — With cap space and a need at the point guard position, the New York Knicks should pursue restricted free agent Lonzo Ball. Here we are again. Another offseason, another debate on who should be starting at point guard for the New York Knicks. For the past two years, the Knicks have taken their medicine in […] The post Lonzo Ball Is a Worthy Pursuit for the Knicks appeared first on The...
  • 360 days ago
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Shooting for a Playmaking Wing: Looking at Creators in the NBA Draft

The Knicks Wall (Jesse Cinquini) — The Knicks desperately need secondary playmaking from the wing. The 2021 NBA Draft offers several enticing offers, especially with New York’s surplus of picks. The New York Knicks find themselves in a draft situation unparalleled in the franchise’s modern history. After reaching the playoffs for the first time since 2013, they will not make a […] The post Shooting for a...
  • 363 days ago
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3 International Prospects the Knicks Should Target in the 2021 NBA Draft

The Knicks Wall (Nick Carannante) — With four NBA draft picks going into the night, the Knicks could always select an international darling like Rokas Jokubaitis with stashing on their mind. In a loaded draft class, there are many flashy prospects up and down the board for which Knicks fans are yearning. You can read all about these prospects on TKW […] The post 3 International Prospects the Knicks Should Target in the...
  • 363 days ago
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